With So Many Amenities... Your Home Stands Out To Be Unique!

We spend so much time thinking about our dream home. And why not? A good home makes for a rock solid foundation for your family to thrive on. A home plays a pivotal role in a person's destiny. It can either make his life so peaceful and comfortable that it feels like heaven on earth or, if it is not suitable, it can make his life an unbearable hell.

So what main points should you consider while buying a home? We have a checklist right here to help you out.

1. Flooring

Flooring image

It is the most important area in your home that most of the times doesn't get proper attention. This is the place that helps you to create a healthy nutritious food for your family and loved ones. So while cooking with love, no one appreciates that love turning into anger due to an unmanaged space which causes hurdles in your artwork preparation. So as a home buyer you should look forward to a modular setup in your kitchen and not just that, there should be ample amount of power points to run from your regular kitchen appliances to specialized appliances for the creative artist in you. A kitchen that comes with a pre-fitted water purifier and an exhaust fan is a must and a special kitchen sink with drain board supports that fast working chef in you for the ultra fast morning hours.

2. Kitchen

Kitchen image

Flooring is the most important part of any house. The reason that we consider flooring as an important aspect of house specification is due to the fact that it defines the way you move in your home. There are many options available in market with various sizes and glossing. A balance has to be maintained between sizes and glossing so that it isn't too harsh on your feet or too slippery. Also now-a-days builders have started providing wooden flooring, it certainly adds a unique look to your house and also it is soft on your feet, this can help people of old age walk more without having to take breaks due to joint pain.

3. Branded fittings

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You can argue all you want that generic electrical and bath fittings are enough but well known brands have made their names by being reliable, durable and pleasing to the eye. So if your home has branded fittings then that is one less thing to worry about. It takes away the hassle of repairing and replacing malfunctioning fittings every few months. Let's face it; no one has got the time to run after these things. Most often if something doesn't work right, we tend to ignore it till it stops working completely and then repairing it becomes urgent and stressful. So having fittings you can count on is a stress buster.

4. Toilets

Toilets image

This is the place in your home for some deep creative thinking and it is one of the reasons that we took it up as an important topic in our suggestions. No one likes their creative thinking to be disrupted by smelly toilets, wet floor and far away basins. The toilet should be designed in the way that the work flow should go undisrupted to your thoughts.

5. Doors & Windows

Doors & Windows image

The entry and exit pathways along with your portal to a beautiful landscape should be designed and built in a very specific way. An elegant door with teakwood finish adds a unique luxury touch to the first impression.

6. Power backup

Power backup image

In today's world power outage is a big no no. That is why you should always be in favor of having a power-backup so that your life doesn't get interrupted when you need electricity the most.

7. Building design

Building design image

Don't worry; we are not going to load you with technical terms and all. Here we will simply specify the details that should be considered while constructing the building. We all are aware of the changes in the natural phenomenon due to climate change, so we recommend that the building should be seismic activity resistant and built with RCC framed structure to have maximum strength. Also most of the interior is designed using wooden base, so a pre anti-termite treatment is always a must to have.

8. The colorful walls

The colorful walls image

Home is the only place where you feel most comfortable, relaxed, and creative; this all depends upon the wall paints since they make a huge difference in defining your mood. Unity Splendour offers you internal walls with smooth gypsum &highly finished emulsion / acrylic paint. With this your home will feel like the dreamland every day.

9. Air conditioning

Air conditioning image

If you have ever had a split AC installed then you will know why this point is important. The hassles of choosing the right spot, having the AC fitters drill a hole in your wall and then installing the compressor outside. Not to mention having to get the AC serviced every summer.
Wouldn't it be much simpler if your home was already air conditioned when you move in? That would be one less thing to worry about.

10. Social & health

Social & health image

Hosting birthday parties to social gatherings becomes much simpler if you have an air conditioned club house available in your society/locality.
Also now-a-days health is an important part of everyone's lifestyle, having a fully functional air conditioned gym has become a necessity rather than just an accessory.

11. Green Features

Green Features image

Climate change is a major issue in today's world, and it is not just the government's responsibility to work on that, it is the responsibility of each and every individual to try and utilize the renewable natural resources to the extent that we can. So when buying a house, you should consider this factor of how many green features are being provided. For example, the unity Splendour provides: Garden on roof creating thermal insulation treatment, Vermi-culture pits, Rain water harvesting, Solar water heaters, LED lighting for common areas & RO water treatment system for domestic water.

12. Smart Home

Smart Home image

Last but not the least, safety and security are the major factors that are to be considered.

Video door phone
Nowadays families are becoming more nuclear. This arises the security concern, so having a video door phone ensures that you don't accidentally open your door to unwanted people.

Intrusion system with panic button
Home is the sole place where we feel safe, but sometimes intruders try to hamper this feeling, and so having a system that helps detect intrusion and provide a functionality to alert someone with a panic button provides a piece of mind knowing that there will always be someone who is there to protect you.

Security at ground floor lobby
This is the first step in securing the surroundings you live in. Security at the entrance provides the biggest added advantage in the overall security.

Smoke detectors with automation alarm system for common areas & lobbies
Smoke detectors helps in alerting you if there is an emergency situation, this has helped in reducing several fire related accidents and saving lives.

One of the projects that considered all these important factors is Unity Splendour. Check out the awesome residential space almost nearing completion at Wanowrie, Pune. It is built with keeping the location preferences in mind; following are some key distances from the building:

- 2 minutes from Fakhri Hills,
- 5 minutes from Ruby Hall Clinic,
- 15 minutes from MG Road / Camp / Market Yard
- 20 minutes from Magarpatta IT Park / Railway Station
- 40 minutes from Airport.

Established in January 2016, privately held Unity Infinity was incorporated with a traditional value system and a modern approach in the real estate space.

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