What is a home?

Tucked away from the buzz, the hustle and bustle of busy streets, there is a little bit of heaven that awaits you… Your Home. A home with delicious smells wafting from the kitchen is probably something you would acquaint with a home so stylish, sophisticated and chic, retaining all the elements needed to comfortably house you and your family is what we envision for you. our aim is to make your VISION a REALITY.

Here are a few things we thought might help you factor in when you are choosing the home of your dreams:

1. Smart homes

Video door phone
In order to ensure high quality and intact security, having a video door phone ensures that you don’t accidentally open your door to unwanted people.

Intrusion system with a panic button
Your home is possibly the only place where we feel safe, but sometimes intruders try to hamper this feeling, and so having a system that helps detect intrusion and provide the functionality to alert with a panic button provides a piece of mind knowing that there will always be someone who is there to protect you.

Security at ground floor lobby
This is the first step in securing the surroundings you live in. Physical security at the entrance provides the biggest added advantage in the overall security.

Smoke detectors with an automation alarm system for common areas & lobbies
Smoke detectors help in alerting you if there is an emergency situation, this has helped in reducing several fire-related incidents and saving lives.

2. Flooring

Good flooring is an integral part of a home. It suggests your style and adds a definitive statement to your decor. It plays a pivotal role in defining your mobility within your home. For some of our projects, we offer a range of wooden flooring to suit your needs and also offer a wide range of customized flooring.

3. Kitchen

What’s hot in ‘Kitchen’ Design?

In a study by a kitchen appliance manufacturer ‘Britannia Living’ : 52 percent of respondents rated their kitchen as the room with the most financial value followed by the lounge. A kitchen operates as the heart of the home, a space where whilst you cook and enjoy meals and socialize with friends and family.

Characterized by a modular functional kitchen with adequate power points, a pre-fitted water purifier and an exhaust ventilator combined with a special kitchen sink drain board are some of the options we offer you to keep your dream kitchen intact.

4. Marque fittings

Everybody loves a sleek and stylish bathroom with high quality, durable and labeled fittings. Quality definitely over quantity, given that there is an array of fittings and wares and a mind-boggling myriad of choices in the market. Striking a balance between the right mix of price, form, and function to your specific needs and accessorizing it with key elements to determine the mood. A popular label can turn an empty stubborn space into a bathroom that looks inviting, cozy, chic, glamorous and minimalistic or however you desire it to be.

5. The powder room

A picture of a luxurious bathroom is usually spaciously decorated with stylish accent details or filled with light and expensive decor. A bathroom can also create the illusion of space by being minimalist and employing strategic features. A grand view or perhaps even marble walls, which is, however, an acquired taste. The finishes and textures, the ornate details, contrasting textures, a sunken/freestanding bath, accent lighting and perhaps even a roman shower can finish the look making it intimate and relaxing.

6. Doors and windows

The entry and exit pathway to your home is the showcase to everyone who visits you and should be your center-piece welcome. Classic woods such as teakwood, fir, pine, oak or mahogany are outstanding materials for the “look and feel” you desire to complement or contrast. An optional sidelight glass and other transoms will display quality and “top-shelf” attributes to give your home a definitive, unique and stylish finish.

7. Power backup

Power is unpredictable. The solution isn’t any surge protector but instead an UNINTERRUPTIBLE POWER SUPPLY otherwise known UPS. These big, beefy units combine a high quality surge protector with a backup battery that will keep electronics running through a blackout. (for a short time, at least)

A few things you need to keep in mind before making a leap to a proper UPS are:
How many outlets do you need, how much power do your devices require and how long do you need to run on battery. What features do you want and how good and reliable is your warranty.

8. Building design

Buildings are built as per industry best practice and where possible exceeding all statutory requirements. The structure is designed to optimize the interior space while attaining the required structural stability using an RCC frame method. As per code requirements and for your safety the structure is also designed to be seismically resistant. Most of the interior is designed using wood, so a pre-anti-termite treatment is always a must-have.

9. Colorful walls

Being surrounded by the right colors can make a big difference. Creating a color palette can not only make your home more enjoyable but it can make decorating and improving your home quicker and easier. At one of our projects – Unity Splendour- we offer you internal walls with smooth gypsum & highly finished emulsion/acrylic paint. It is guaranteed to make your home special and unique.

10. Air conditioning

There are a number of reasons why air conditioning is important. Better air quality, fewer insects or parasites and it prevents electronic devices from overheating, to state a few. But if you have ever had a split AC installed then you will know why this is important. The hassles of choosing the right spot, having to drill holes in your wall and then installing the compressor. Not to mention having to get the AC serviced in summers.

Wouldn’t it be much simpler if your home was already air conditioned when you move in? That would be one less thing to worry about at our residential units in Unity Splendour where each room is provided with a fully fitted branded air conditioner.

11. Social and health

Nothing beats stress out as a great workout. Having a fitness center in your premises also means you can save upon precious commuting time and flexibility in timings. As for a great clubhouse, you can relax with a game of snooker or an invigorating swim and also meet like-minded people. So go ahead stay fit and stay healthy! Unity Splendour is one such project where we provide a gym facility as part of the amenities.

12. Green features

Green buildings are designed in such a way to reduce the overall impact on the environment and human health by reducing trash, pollution, and degradation of the environment. Efficiently using energy, water, and other resources and protecting occupant health and improving productivity. For example, the Unity Splendour provides: Garden on the roof creating thermal insulation treatment, Vermi-culture pits, Rainwater harvesting, Solar water heaters, LED lighting for common areas & RO water treatment system for domestic water.

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